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Log in to your account to send and receive emails using CableOneMail 7.5. As long as you have a Web browser and an Internet connection, you can check your email with ease. Use the Web-based email service while traveling or to communicate with friends and colleagues.



New SiteMail Version 7.5

A new version of SiteMail has been released. This new version fixes a number of outstanding bugs and brings new features and improvements.

Other changes include:

  • A new version of the Sync Utility
  • Full support for Mozilla Firefox 3.0
  • iCal support


New SiteMail Version 6.0

SiteMail just keeps improving! The latest version works seamlessly with both Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla FireFox 2.0.

Some of the other upgrades include:

  • Streamlined multiple attachment process
  • One-click switching from HTML to text editor for composing new messages
  • Improved subfolder support
  • Interface enhancements


New SiteMail Version 5.6

SiteMail 5.6 has been released, offering you an improved, stability-focused email system. The latest version of SiteMail fixes various issues including the address auto complete feature on the interface for Internet Explorer and various issues on the backend.



Help Information
. Need help configuring your E-Mail Client?
Login into CableOneMail 7.5 select "Settings" from the menu and then "E-Mail Configurator".

. Important note about pop-up blockers
If you are using a pop-up blocker, you will need to enable pop-ups in your browser to work with CableOneMail 7.5 url http://sitemail.cableonehosting.net. Check your browser's Help system for instructions on enabling pop-ups for selected sites only.